Black Room is a game by Cassie McQuater.
You can contact Cassie at: cassie.mcquater at gmail dot com.

Music by Ronen Goldstein, Brendan Coates, and Cassie McQuater.

Selected dialogue, poetry and writing by Maia Asshaq.

Additional coding by Brendan Coates.

All sprites property of respective license holders.

Special thanks to people of the Spriters Resource for their continued dedication to the documentation and collection of video game sprites and imagery. Full list of sprite rippers coming soon.

All ASCII art is pulled from various databases, and was made by ASCII artists. I have left signatures on all found ASCII, and added [nosig] to specify found ASCII without creator's signatures.

Libraries used include:Typed.js and Phaser.

The most important thanks goes to my grandma, Judith, who would often stay up all night playing Zelda while I watched, mesmerized. ♥♥♥



Black Room is, in part, a game about your browser.
Default browser settings should be fine, but note:

* This game has been designed for and tested on

Chrome and Firefox only

. Please use one of those browsers to get the full experience.

* Make sure before you begin that your browser is set to

allow pop-ups.

(Chrome and FF allow a single pop-up by default, and that is all you will need.)

* You will be asked to re-size your browser in order to advance. Because of this,

a desktop with a larger screen is ideal.

Most 13" and 15" laptops work as well.

* This is a somewhat heavy game and the

speed will depend on your graphics card and your internet connection.

Old devices (especially older Macbooks w/ stock graphics cards) may not work.

Have fun!